dial back, dial down「抑える」「トーンダウンする」 [辞書に載っていない表現]

前回 walk back 「撤回する」について書いたが、トランプ大統領にからんだ記事では、ちょっと似た dial back という表現もよく目にするので取り上げてみたい。

アナログ世代の私は、dial というと昔の電話機のダイヤルを連想してしまうが、電話をかけ直すことではない。私の手持ちの英和辞書には載っていなかったが、英語圏の辞書を見ると(こちらも収録しているものは少なかったが)「程度を下げる」という意味であることがわかる。計器の目盛を下げる形でつまみを回す、という感じだろうか。


- President Donald Trump upped the ante in his attacks on the media early Sunday, unleashing a new broadside against journalists as "dangerous and sick," and dividing the electorate.

Sunday's remarks come at a time when even a few conservative commentators have urged him to dial back his anti-press rhetoric.
("Trump launches another attack on the media, says press are 'dangerous and sick' and can 'cause war'" CNBC Aug. 5, 2018)

次の例では、dial back と並べて dial down を使っていた。

- For roughly the last ten years, leaders in Washington have been reluctant to shoulder the burden of being the dominant power in the Middle East. However, this decision to dial back or dial down on America’s involvement in the region is not based on any form of sound or concrete judgment, but rather is founded on American indecisiveness and inertia concerning its Middle Eastern policy.
("The Curtain has Closed on America’s Moment in the Middle East: But Who is Filling the Void" International Policy Digest Aug. 31, 2018)

イギリスの辞書は dial down で収録している。機械についての文字通りの意味をあわせて載せているものもある。

- to reduce or become reduced: to dial down an argument.
(Collins English Dictionary)

- 1. to reduce the noise, heat, etc. produced by a piece of equipment by moving its controls
synonym turn something down
The event organizers took the hint and dialled down the background music.
2. (informal) to reduce the amount, degree or power of a quality
He called on both sides to dial down the anger and rhetoric and start talking to each other.

dial back の方で載せている辞書もあり、このうち「ロングマン」はイギリス系だが、アメリカ英語であると表示している。また別の辞書の例文を見ると、言葉や感情だけでなく、運動・動作にも使えるようだ。

- American English to reduce something or make it less extreme
The candidates have dialed back their attacks on each other, but they are still making their differences clear.

- To lessen something, especially in intensity.
I could barely move my arms all week—I guess it's time to dial back the workouts!
(Farlex Dictionary of Idioms)

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