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liberal 「気前のいい」「ケチケチしない」「たくさんの」 (カズオ・イシグロ 「日の名残り」) [読書と英語]

先日に続いて、ノーベル賞作家カズオ・イシグロの代表作 The Remains of the Day で実例を拾った単語について書く。liberal は政治や主義主張についてよく使われるが、人や物を形容して「惜しみない」といった意味もある。


- ...soon all those small sounds of restlessness that betray that an audience's attention has bee lost grew steadily around the room. Indeed, by the time Lord Darlington had finally come round to bidding this guests rise and drink to 'peace and justice in Europe', the level of such noises -- perhaps on account of the liberal amounts of wine that had been consumed -- struck me as bordering on the ill-mannered.
(The Remains of the Day by Kazuo Ishiguro)

これに先立つ部分に、この貴族は必ずしも演説が上手いわけではないという執事の”言い訳”が書かれている。それに加えて振る舞われたワインの影響もあって、参加者たちは私語を抑えることができなくなった、というわけである。退屈なスピーチが長々と続くと聴衆がガヤガヤし始めるのは、日本でもよく見かける。border on 「~の一歩手前」「すれすれ」というのもおもしろい表現だ。

さて、ここでの liberal はワインの量について使われており、「自由主義的な」「リベラルな」と解釈しては意味が通らないのは明らかだ。辞書には以下のような語義や用例がある。

- 気前よくあたえる、気前のよい、大まかな;(...を)惜しまない、けちけちしない (with, in)
a liberal giver 気前よく人に物をやる人
be liberal with one's money 金離れがいい
be liberal with praise (tips, tipping) よく人をほめる(チップをはずむ)
be liberal in one's bestowal of praise (compliment) 賞賛(賛辞)を惜しまない
a liberal donation 気前のよい(たくさんの)寄贈
a liberal flow (supply) of water 洋々たる水の流れ(たっぷりの給水)

- He was a liberal benefactor to the orphanage. 気前よく孤児院に寄付した
give her a liberal helping of ice cream アイスクリームを山盛りにする

- a liberal amount is large and generous
There was a liberal supply of food and wine.
Words used to describe large amounts and quantities: substantial, considerable, extensive...
a. generous with something
liberal with: He was always been fairly liberal with his cash.
Synonyms and related words: generous, hospitable, kind-hearted...
(Macmillan Dictionary)

- Given, used, or occurring in generous amounts.
‘liberal amounts of wine had been consumed’
(of a person) giving generously.
‘Sam was too liberal with the wine’
(Oxford Dictionaries)

- Liberal means giving, using, or taking a lot of something, or existingin large quantities.
As always he is liberal with his jokes. [+ with]
She made liberal use of her elder sister's make-up and clothes.
Synonyms: abundant, generous, handsome, lavish
(Collins English Dictionary)


- not strict or exact
I was persuaded to adopt a very liberal interpretation of the rules.
(Macmillan Dictionary)

- not exact; without attention to or interest in detail:
a liberal interpretation of the law
(Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary)

liberal interpretation など、「リベラルな解釈をする」と訳しかねないので注意が必要だろう。

The Remains of the Day

The Remains of the Day

  • 作者: Kazuo Ishiguro
  • 出版社/メーカー: Faber & Faber
  • 発売日: 2010/04/01
  • メディア: ペーパーバック

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