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trash talk, talk trash 「毒舌(を吐く)」「こきおろす」 [アメリカ政治]

アメリカ大統領選挙にからんで先日 pit について書いた際に引用した文 trash-talking という単語があり、おもしろい言い方だなと思ったので取り上げたい。もちろん、口の悪いドナルド・トランプ候補を形容したものだ。trash talk で「挑発的な言葉(を使う)」という意味になる。


- It would pit Clinton, the politically cautious, detailed-oriented former secretary of state and senator, against Trump, the trash-talking political outsider who has generated outrage with his derogatory comments about Muslims, Mexicans and women, among others(後略)
(AP, March 2, 2016)

「不動産王」 real estate mogul というより、むしろ「毒舌王」「暴言王」と言ったほうがふさわしい感もあるトランプ氏、今回の単語との組み合わせて検索すると確かに続々とヒットがある。たとえば、

- Trump trash talks Carson, ‘overrated’ Rubio and ‘sleeping’ Bush

Donald Trump held a press conference Tuesday--and that meant plenty of Trumpian trash talk aimed at his rivals for the Republican presidential nomination.
(Reuters, November 3, 2015)


- Rubio-Trump trash talk heats Super Tuesday trail

The latest verbal sparring comes from Rubio, who unleashed a series of trash-talking attacks against Trump during his last few campaign stops, some of which were made in direct rebuttal to the billionaire’s own hits against him.


- noun Insulting or boastful speech intended to demoralize, intimidate, or humiliate someone, especially an opponent in an athletic contest:
he heard more trash talk from the Giants before the game than during the game stop the trash talking and stop the violence
[no object] (trash-talk) Use insulting or boastful speech intended to demoralize:
their players do not swear or tussle or trash-talk
(as adjective trash-talking)
the worst trash-talking team they had ever encountered
(Oxford Dictionaries)

2つの単語をひっくり返した talk trash もある。

- Struggling Bush blasts ‘trash-talking’ Trump in billionaire’s hometown
Languishing Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush took a swipe at front-runner Donald Trump in the billionaire’s hometown Tuesday, accusing him of “talking trash” and saying he would be demolished in a general election.
“The first objective of the president of the United States needs to be to keep us safe and you can’t keep us safe by talking trash without backing it up with serious plans.”
(AFP-Jiji Jan.20, 2016)

文字通り「クズみたいなこと(たわごと)を言う」のほか、trash talk と同じ意味でも使われる。アメリカ英語の用法であるとのことだ。

- informal to say things that do not have a lot of meaning:
There are too many radio shows featuring idiots who call in and talk trash all day.
US informal to criticize other people, especially unfairly or cruelly
(Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary & Thesaurus)

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