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pit Clinton against Trump 「A 対 B の闘い」 [アメリカ政治]


2つのものを闘わせる・対抗させる、という場合に目にすることがあるのが pit である。短いし、語感もピっと締まっているので使いやすい単語なのではないだろうか。この動詞の後に against をはさんで人や事物を置いて対峙させる。

実例をあげよう。トランプ氏とクリントン氏がそれぞれスローガンにしている make America great again と make America whole again という言葉を対比させて、

- Trump pit his promises against Clinton's, setting up a battle of the slogans. "Make America Great Again is gonna be much better than making America whole again," he promised.

名詞の pit は「穴」「くぼみ」「落とし穴」「炭坑」、またカタカナ語の「ピット」はカーレースやオーケストラに使われるが、このほか「猛獣のオリ」や「闘犬場、闘鶏場」という意味もある。穴やオリに動物を入れて闘わせるさまが目に浮かぶ。

かつてレーガン大統領は、批判を受けても失敗をしても人気が落ちず、傷のつかないテフロン加工の大統領 (the Teflon president) とまで言われたが、トランプ氏はそんなテフロンぶりを見せつけている。いや、暴言を内外から非難されても、人気が落ちるどころか、かえって支持者が強固になっていくような印象すらある。また、撤退を表明した候補の支持はトランプ氏に流れる傾向にあるようだ。


- Though state primaries and caucuses will continue for months, rivals will be hard-pressed to catch up with the front-runners. That increases the likelihood of a Trump-Clinton showdown in the November election, offering voters what would likely be the starkest contrast in presidential candidates they have seen in their lifetimes.
It would pit Clinton, the politically cautious, detailed-oriented former secretary of state and senator, against Trump, the trash-talking political outsider who has generated outrage with his derogatory comments about Muslims, Mexicans and women, among others(後略)
(AP, March 2, 2016)

against の代わりに vs. という表記でおなじみの versus を使った例もあった。

- It’s looking like the fall race will pit New Yorker versus New Yorker, as the weekend voting left Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump on course to win the nominations.
The fat lady’s not close to singing yet. But Bernie Sanders still hasn’t managed to break through with black voters, leaving Clinton poised for a string of solid wins.

ここに出てくる the fat lady's... とはクリントン氏(失礼!)のことではなく、以前私も取り上げたことがある表現の変形だろう(→勝負はこれからだ (The opera isn't over until the fat lady sings.)


- Darwinists try to pit religion against science when history shows the opposite is true.


- pit sb/sth against sb/sth
to cause one person, group, or thing to fight against or be in competition with another:
It was a bitter civil war, that pitted neighbour against neighbour.
The climbers pitted themselves against the mountain.
(Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary)

- to make someone compete or fight against someone or something else
Coach Fox finds his team pitted against a team coached by his longtime friend and mentor.
(Macmillan Dictionary)

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