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mirror image の2つの意味 (アシモフ「ファウンデーション」) [注意したい単語・意外な意味]

前回取り上げた mirror から、mirror image という表現を連想した。文字通り「鏡像」ということだが、「鏡の像のように左右が逆になっている」点に焦点を当てるか、「鏡に映ったように同じ(似ている)」点に目を向けるかで、訳語も違ってくることになるだろう。


- 1, An image or object that is identical in form to another, but with the structure reversed, as in a mirror.
It always appalls me that the photo image, not the mirror image, may be what other people are really seeing.
1.1 A person or thing that closely resembles another:
the city was the mirror image of Algiers
(Oxford Dictionaries)

- 1. something that looks exactly the same as another thing but with its left and right sides in opposite positions:
His home is two terraced houses knocked together, each the mirror image of the other.
2. a person or object that is very similar to another:
The current economic situation is a mirror image of the situation just a few years ago.
(Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary)



この作品には Foundation の名を持つ勢力が2つ出てくるが、第2ファウンデーションの正体や所在地は謎に包まれている。その解明にあたった第1ファウンデーションの人物が次のような話をする。

- "Foundation Number One was a world of physical scientists. It represented a concentration of the dying science of the Galaxy under the conditions necessary to make it live again. No psychologists were included. It was a peculiar distortion, and must have had a purpose.
Foundation Number Two was a world of mental scientists. It was the mirror image of our world. Psychology, not physics, was king."
(Foundation and Empire by Isaac Asimov)


もうひとつ同じシリーズにあった実例である。緊張関係にある2つの惑星があり、一方を代表する Haut Rodric という人物がもう一方の星を訪れ、Pirenne という人物と会談する。

- Haut Rodric had attended with glazed eye to Pirenne's lecture during the "inspection tour" of the Encyclopedia Building. With polite and vacant smile, he had listened to the latter's rapid patter
The dinner that evening was much the mirror image of the events of that afternoon, for Haut Rodric monopolized the conversation (以下略)
(Foundation by Isaac Asimov)

はじめは Pirenne がのべつまくなしにしゃべっていたが、聞き役だった Haut Rodric はディナーになると立場が入れ替わったように会話を独占した、ということが mirror image で表現されている。


Foundation and Empire

Foundation and Empire

  • 作者: Isaac Asimov
  • 出版社/メーカー: Spectra
  • 発売日: 1991/11/01
  • メディア: マスマーケット

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