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ガザでは「アイス」ならぬ「がれきバケツチャレンジ」 (Rubble Bucket Challenge) [ニュースと英語]




- I liked the idea of the ice bucket challenge
so I decided to invent the Palestinian version.

We looked for a bucket of water
however the use of water is more important than to empty over our heads.
And even if the water is available it is difficult to freeze it.

And when we tried to make the Palestinian version we looked around us
we find the place as you see
therefore I decided to use it instead of iced water.

This challenge is not for specific people but for all people who sympathize with the Palestine people.
We do not ask for material aid.
Anybody wants to help Gaza should invent his own idea.

We do not have water but this is what we have.
Perhaps I will not find water to wash up when I return home
so if you saw me dusty in next reports try to forgive me
and try to sympathize with us.

この rubble bucket challenge はフェイスブックまでできている。最初に行なったのはガザの大学生だが、地元ジャーナリストが行なった上の動画で広がるようになったという。

- But this week a new trend, this one in support of Gaza, emerged on social media. Instead of filling buckets with water ― a scarcity in the Gaza Strip ― people are dumping sand and rocks on their heads, in reference to the rubble of thousands of Gazan homes razed by Israeli airstrikes. Videos of the challenge aren’t meant to raise funds, but instead awareness of the living conditions for Palestinians in Gaza.

The Facebook page for the challenge says Maysam Yusef, a university student in Gaza, started the campaign. It has gained traction in the last few days after Palestinian journalist Ayman al Aloul posted a video on YouTube of himself dumping a bucket of rubble over his head from what appears to be a blast site in Gaza.
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- Since its launch on Friday, the Rubble Bucket Challenge Facebook page has garnered thousands of 'likes' and shared videos of participants.
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- The Rubble Bucket Challenge comes as the Rice Bucket Challenge gains attention. Unlike the ice bucket challenge, the rice bucket challenge asks that participants simply donate a bucket of rice to somebody in need.

- Capitalising on the immense popularity of the ALS ice bucket challenge, an Indian woman has conceived of the rice bucket challenge as a way to encourage charity for the poor.
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