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「逮捕する」ではない arrest [注意したい単語・意外な意味]

横山秀夫の犯罪もの小説を紹介した流れで、今回は arrest という単語について書いてみたい。「逮捕する」とだけ記憶している人もいるのではないかと思うが、その他の意味もある。

- to stop something that is happening, or to make it happen more slowly
- to stop or slow (an activity)
Antibiotics arrest the development of harmful bacteria.
- stop or check (progress or process)

「~を阻止する」「進行を止める」ということだが、最後の定義にあるように、同義語として check があげられる。この「『チェックする』ではない check」 については、まったくの偶然だが、つい先日遠藤周作の「沈黙」の英訳版で出てきて取り上げた。


- Asked by reporters at the U.N. if Iraq is in a civil war now, Annan replied, ''I think given the developments on the ground, unless something is done drastically and urgently to arrest the deteriorating situation, we could be there. In fact we are almost there.''

- The World Aids Day campaign aims to focus on all elements that play a part in effective prevention and care to arrest the spread of the disease.

- It seems to be effective in arresting the growth of these tumors.


- an act of stopping or the state of being stopped: the arrest of tooth decay.
- the state of inactivity following an interruption
(Example: "The negotiations were in arrest.")

もうひとつ、arrest には「(注意)を引く」という意味がある。

- to make sb notice sth and pay attention to it
- to attract or catch someone's attention:
A photo of a small boy arrested my attention.
- take hold of something: to suddenly capture and hold something, especially somebody's attention ( formal )
an astonishing sight that arrested our attention

形容詞は arresting である。

If something is arresting, it causes you to stop and notice it:
The house has an arresting view of the river.


- ORIGIN Old French arester, from Latin restare ‘remain, stop’

- 14th century. Via Old French< assumed Vulgar Latin arrestare "cause to stop" < Latin restare "stay behind"


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